Map of bike trails in Australia

Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, etc ... Use the pulldown list, very bottom left to select a place in Australia. Different places show different layers. Try Melbourne then Sydney.

The on and off road path information is also available for use in Google Earth: Cycling infrastructure in Australia

Time by Bike

You can use the Time by Bike layer to estimate travel times at different speeds. You can lock the rings centered on say your home location or have them track the map center. Click on the central icon to access the controls for Time by Bike.

View a GPX, KML, GeoJSON file

Use the button on the top left to open the local file browser. You can select and view one or more GPX, KML, GeoJSON files.


Use the controls on the left to zoom the map. Use the Layer Switcher on the right hand side to select different maps and overlays. Most icons on the map will show further information when clicked on.

OSM - parts of Australia

When these two layers are activated, on road and off road paths are shown, in blue and green respectively. This is not a complete but highly representative of the real world.


The permalink, bottom right, can be used to bookmark the current view for the next time you visit this site. Just right click on the Permalink and select Bookmark This Link/Add to Favourites.


On some layers the information displayed or the visibility of the information depends totally on the current Zoom level.

F11 key

In most browsers the F11 key can be used to enlarge and contract the map.


This site can be slow and is probably unusable with slow internet connections or old browsers. Some layers can take seconds before they are drawn. However things change.

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